Amy Betts, Psychic-Medium

Amy, an extraordinary psychic-medium, has been practicing for over fifteen years. Amy's unique gift enables her to "see" beyond the ordinary into the spiritual realm. Using her psychic ability, Amy is able to communicate with the soul or spirit of people and animals - both living and deceased. Additionally, Amy’s ability as a psychic-medium makes her skilled at assisting clients with decisions involving their life’s purpose, career, business, and providing information regarding relationships.

While Amy has had a lifelong interest in spirituality, reincarnation and the “occult,” Amy began to consciously develop her psychic ability in her early twenties. Starting with tarot card readings, Amy practiced by doing readings for friends and family. Over time, Amy found that the cards were “just” a tool. She discovered that if she closed her eyes and focused on a person’s name, the information that the client was seeking would come to her.

In the early 90’s, Amy made many public appearances throughout the Philadelphia area and was a featured guest on WWDB’s Susan Bray Talk Radio Show. Upon getting married, and having a child, Amy took a break from doing psychic readings to focus on being a mother, wife and working as a speech and language therapist.

Today, Amy has committed her life to assisting others to live powerful, fulfilled and complete lives by using her psychic ability. Be it talking with a deceased loved one, helping a client find their most passionate career path, or assisting in understanding a relationship, clients describe Amy's readings as validating, insightful, and comforting.

Amy conducts most of her readings over the telephone, and is able to travel depending upon availability. Phone readings are scheduled ahead of time, however, depending on the need of the client, Amy will do "spot" readings immediately. Payments are made via paypal or by check. The cost of readings is $150.00 per hour, with minumum reading time of 1/2 hour. Prices for group events and parties varies depending upon travel and the number of people.

Join Amy on her journey as she continues to discover the mystery of the of the spirit, by reading her blog, following her on Facebook, or scheduling a reading for yourself or a group.

Call Amy at 610-299-9734 and schedule a phone reading today. Get your answers to lifes questions or talk to a deceased loved one.